Ashley Gilstrap Parisi
What an amazing night of worship tonight! I felt so proud, amazed, humbled, excited at this amazing thing that is happening right now through Victory World Music! Bless you and Kristin and the fam for obeying God!

Felicia Forman
‎11-11-11 VWC “Shake Heaven” was AMAZING! An AWSOME BLESSING of course & the best way to begin a new season. That was the greatest gift I could have give my son for his 16th b-day. God started it off w/a Blessing. Haven’t stopped playing the CD since. Thank you so much VWC.

Kami Sale
I attended the shake heaven event on Friday and that was my first time at Victory. It was amazing of course and well I could not wait to come back on Saturday for the evening church service. I was amazed at how welcomed I felt. I was greeted with a smile or a hug by everyone I met. Needless to say the service was amazing and I can’t wait till the weekend! I plan on attending chickchat on Friday as well as service again on Saturday. I am so blessed to have been lead there. God is good!

Kimberly Thomas-Taylor
I felt like a teenager again. I lift my hands, dance & praised until I got out of breath:) I was very moved by all the songs. I am very proud of my Victory family. This is only a glimmer of what is yet to come. I believe that we shook the heavens last night with that magnificent praise!!! I was very moved in seeing all of the young people being unashamed of showing praise with no restrictions or boundaries. The lyrics, choreography, special effects, & imagery were amazing. Kudos to our praise team & guest performers.

Kimberly Thomas-Taylor I agree w ith every word you said. I am really enjoying Mountains too. I love the words ” I look to the hills from where my help comes from.” Scripture from one of my favorite passages Psalm 122. The imagery was absolutely beautiful at the concert. I just love the entire CD.

April Brown-Matthews
We shook heaven last night…..now we must continue to shake this world #ThankuLord ♥

David Allen Drieling
So a B. Reith and Gungor concert Wednesday night, Shake Heaven concert last night at my church, and Israel Houghton will be at my Church tonight! Here is an awesome thing for my church! When I was Catholic my church had over 2000 members and when I was Baptist my church had over 100 members so get this my church now has over 10,000 members and I feel more close community, fellowship, family, and love in a “mega church” this large! What I dont get is I hear people say I rather go to a small church to be closer with everyone, but I feel even closer to folks going to a church with over 10 thousand members! That is not even including the fact that there are a large amount of non-members who attend regularly! I love Victory World Church!!!

James Harrison Bacon In 54 yrs. of life I never seen anything like it. My wife and I rocked the CD until 1:15 this morning. I never saw that many kids praising the Lord like that. I can’t keep my mouth still about VWC………

Susan Griffith ‎@ James…I was also so moved by the kids….so wonderful seeing their hands in the air!

Tory Hawkins I thank God for leading me to VWC! Last night was incredible! I was rockin my cd thus morning on the way to work and room the long way on PURPOSE because I just couldn’t stop praise and worship, in my car!

Trevon Holliday My 5 year old daughter thought the concert was awesome. It was a glorious moment when I was awakened this morning by the Shake Heaven CD. She unwrapped it and put it in herself. She has been playing it all morning. #takingbackthemusic

Sandra Pollard-Scott OMG what a beautiful experience! It was such a blessings to see the multitude of people fill the place and raise the praise. VWM & their guest musicians were outstanding…. Super Extraordinary! Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to have a wonderful, safe, and life transforming time. Abundant of blessings VWC for all that you do!

Kandi Todd I have been so moved by the power of God at Victory World Church!It was such an amazing experience to see so many warriors of God praising as one family towards the same Creator!We went out to dinner after the concert and God spoke to me to tell our waiter about The Good News and gave him my copy of the cd it turns out he lives in the apartments right next door to the church he says he will definitely come in and see what we are all about!!!I’m so glad i listened to God when He spoke and thank you Victory,for showing my family the truth.Our lives have forever been changed and dedicated to doing God’s work here on earth(as it is in Heaven)Amen!

Jewel Richardson
Thank you for that amazing concert! There are just no words!! I love my church!!

Adara Larissa Harter
Shake Heaven Concert in Georgia Was AMAZINGGGG

Andrea Lawrence
visited Victory World Church for the first time in like 6 years – Israel Haughton is amazing, Angelica Torres sounded amazing and Montell Jordan was pretty awesome too – congrats :)

Jennifer Stephens Voyles
Awesome concert my kids loved it let me know when u do another one!

Wilhemina Arrington Again, the CD is truly amazing! I slept with my ipod playing this last night. “You Are” is such a beautiful love song. And to the musicians (oh my) on this CD, you all are superb! Thank you all again for an AWESOME CD!!! I guess I can’t stop praising about this CD. :)

Wilhemina Arrington
I absolutely love Praise & Worship (which is a part of me), so I thank God for you and the rest of the group who were blessed beyond measure to do an AMAZING service last night! I will never forget it. I love every song and word on the CD. I thought Hungry and Breathe were going to be my favorite, but I believe Mountains is creeping up there, however the whole CD is AWESOME! Thank you again for your service!

Renea Smith Jones Hat off to the team ~ I believe heaven shook with pleasure tonight!

Becky Russell I brought a freind she was amazed! I said now u know why I go all the way to norcross!

Derwin Roland Beautiful job! Blown away!

Michelle Yackel Totally surpassed expectations – it was AWESOME!

Rachael Parquette you all really know how to shake heaven thats for sure…great job!!!

Rebecca Schaser Fitzgerald Incredibly Awesome!!!! Thanks be to God and all of you for a revolutionary night!

Joann Crossman VWM rocks and is changing the world!!!

Monica Manwaring Kareem Watching the “Shake Heaven” video on YouTube pretending I’m there in person tonight! I LOVE YOU ALL! Many blessings. This song ROCKS THE HOUSE!

Lara Adams
LOVED being at the 930 show. came with my dear friends the Mafe’s! met your gorgeous and kind daughter who did an amazing job along with you and the entire band! THANK YOU for your gifts of writing music and praising Jesus. it was an amazing and uplifting night. thanks to the entire group. have been jammin to the CD in my car everyday! blessings to you all

Amanda C. Nix
had an awsome time Friday night enjoyed every moment of it. You are a Weapon of Mass Destruction against the enemy. May God Bless you more and more every day.

Tiffany Graham Showalter
Went to shake heaven with my Sis and 5 year old. Loved it! Can’t wait to hear Useable next on The Fish! Been singing it since. Bless you and VWM for putting awesome music out there that I enjoy listening to with my kids:)

Ijeoma Anya-igbons
Thanks Montell &VWM band, for a great concert last night!! God is using y’all to break shakels and shake heaven all around. Fabulouso! thumps up, it was beyound funzy..4real :)

Itoro Ekwere
Montell, you are awe-inspiring. That concert last night was too much!!! I love it!!!God bless you real good.

Stevie Ladi Star-k Blair
Riding up 400 windows down blasting my Sake Heaven CD. The concert was amazing last night and a blessing!!!!

Adara Larissa Harter
I went to the concert last night with my whole family and you and the concert was AMZINGGG We had your CD playing in the car all the way home and now im listening to Shake Heaven right now :) )
Your a great singer and your hillarous:D Keep it up and god bless you

Kaumeshua Hendricks
Awesome, Awesome praise and worship experience tonight! Thank you for being so transparent ! Continue to take back the music! The service reignited something in me!

Mark Star-k Stark
Tonight was live and very much alive! The Spirit was most def present. You and the team held it down. My first concert and I loved it. I appreciate the encouragement.

Nathan McGraw
you are truelly a man seeking after Gods heart. your words and music were so needed tonight. thank you.

Robin Sullivan
Your song, SHAKE HEAVEN is #1 now on WMUZ 103.5FM in Detroit, on the Top 30 Countdown…3 weeks in a row! We really love it, just so you know:-)

Mallory Cruz
I kept thinking tonight how proud Papa is of you and Montell for saying yes. Because you did, thousands of people’s lives were impacted tonight by the presence of Jesus… one decision–thousands of lives changed. Thank you.

Olin Holly
MJ & KJ, it was an amazing night. Thank u 4 ur incredible leadership and passion 4 Jesus. U are laying a strong foundation 4 the next gen of worshipers!

Catherine Bachman
At home doing Bible study this morning while listening to CD. Just had a major moment of revelation & emotional healing with Jesus and “These Hands”. It also brought my daughter to a moment with God last night. Thank u, MJ and KJ, for that song. Love u guys and what God is doing thru u!

Montell and Kristin,
Almost a year ago, you guys made a decision to step out on faith, and follow God’s instruction for a whole new journey in your life.  A change that would require sacrifice, faith and so much more.  God had a plan, and I know last night was just a glimpse of what he wants to do with VWM.  Thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing successful night and serving some amazing people.  You both have shown Johnson and I such love, honor, compassion, and humility and you are like family to us.  It was such an honor to be able to help out last night.
Thank you for being obedient to the voice of the Lord, and thank you for being the amazing, loving people that you are.  We love you and your family very much and I can’t wait to see where VWM goes from here.
We love you guys!
Summer Bowie

Clyde Duffie
Hi Kristin & Montell,
I’m still floating “high” from the event this past Friday night. I can’t stop thinking about it. Totally incredible experience.  I keep seeing tweets about it too, which means others thought highly about the evening.

Ronetta Slaughter
BTW – Thanks so much for the new shirt…beautiful! It was an honor to serve w/you for this great experience. I’m going to tell the staff on Tuesday, but wanted you to know…There was one gentleman who came to the first recording walked out the door and purchased another ticket because he wanted to have the “amazing experience” again. His words.
My words to you…absolutely well done! It was amazing.
Luv u much

Sara Femme
Dude- I’ve had multiple people (some I don’t even know) hit me up about Usable. How much they like it/its been their heart cry, etc. So cool!!

Rosemary Fisher
MJ! First I want to tell you how honored I was to witness you glorifying our Father in all your work and music! It was amazing and a red letter day in my life that I will cherish forever!

M, wanted to say again thank you to both for such a wonderful opportunity Sat night. I look forward to see what God is going to do with this new project!! Peace,
Ricardo Sanchez

Thank you and Kristin for the incredible job you did bringing that concert and album to reality! It may be one of my top 3 highlights since starting the church 22 yrs ago!
Pastor Dennis Rouse

David Mafe
That was incredible bro! I’ve been a friend… now I’m a fan! God bless you!!

Rolando Gonzales
Amazing job tonight! God was everywhere… blessings

Joanne Brown
Tonight was off da chain!!! You all looked and sounded amazing!!! So proud of all of you and your hard work and commitment to this project. God so used Victory tonight! Praying your strength for the 2nd round. Love you guys!

polly araujo
Concert is over… it was AMAZING!!! Shout out to @montelljordan and Victory World Music. New generation of worshipers this is how we do it!

Christie Hamilton
It’s 1130 and just left the best concert ever @victoryworldchurch! @montelljordan killed it! #GodisGood #ShakeHeaven

♥ ; Te Amo
Shake Heaven concert with @montelljordan still has me pumped. Playing the cd all day :)

A.Jaye Harris
I’m in awe of what Jesus has done in my life in the past week. <3 @shakeheaven @montelljordan #shakeheaven